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Jane Barber
D.O.,M.App.Sci (Osteo.Paeds)
Hi my name is Jane Barber . I trained at the European School of Osteopathy (ESO) in the UK and completed a Masters in Osteopathic Paediatrics at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia.
I have lived and worked in NZ, Australia and the UK and have established 2 large multidisciplinary practices - City Osteopaths in Wellington in 1992 and Balmain Osteopaths in Sydney 1998. Since arriving back in Wellington 10 years ago I have been quietly working at home whilst raising our 3 children until recently relocating to Miramar Natural Health Centre and Balmain Osteopaths.
I am committed to learning and I am a faculty member of Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation of Australia and NZ and have taught on several of their post-graduate osteopathy courses in NZ and Australia. Regular attendance to courses to continue my education is important to me.
I am always motivated to develop self care and prevention programs for my patients . I have extensive personal experience with several exercise programs including Pilates and will advise patients of suitable exercises. I integrate my passion for nutrition to reduce my patients general inflammation and enhance healing.
My specialty area is Osteopathy in the Cranial Field and Biodynamics but also use a broad range of osteopathic techniques
I have a very varied practice, many of my patients prefer my gentle approach to treatment or have a chronic pain problem which has not resolved with other kinds of therapy. My clinical interests are include children and babies, dental and TMJ.
I will be forever thankful for choosing Osteopathy as my career. It has been a privilege to work with all my patients these past 26 years and I look forward to continuing this fulfilling and rewarding work.

Agustin Mari-Mabley

Welcome to my journey in Osteopathy. It all started after several serious injuries during my life as a ski instructor. What was the end of my dreamed career and passion ended up benign the beginning of a life devoted to improve other peoples lives, including my own. My belief is that Osteopathy is for everyone, therefore, I enjoy treating all ages; from newborns to the elderly. Our bodies may be in different stages of development but the healing laws of nature are the same for every single one of us. Thanks to the European School of Osteopathy I can say that I am trained to treat my patients from the root of their problems. In my practice I incorporate a variety of approaches including, cranial, visceral, structural; all according to my patients’ needs. I have also been qualified as a massage therapist and sports masseur for 10 years. I always work in liaison with other health care professionals, follow all the codes of ethics as a primary health care practitioner and constantly work on updating my knowledge. Because at the end of the day it is not about me, it is about how to improve the general health of my patients and how to maintain it in the best form possible. You are welcome to be part of my journey when ever you need it.